Prabhu | Company Profile


A key personnel of the Prabhu Group who was in fabrication work for engineering goods had a vision of setting up a manufacturing unit for flameproof and non-flameproof switchgear products. Some time passed and soon dream become reality.

The Company, Prabhu Industrial Udyog Pvt Ltd was formed in 1986 and manufacturing activities started in 1986 of Flameproof & Non Flameproof low Tension & high-tension Switchgear upto 6.6KV whose applications are mainly in Coal Mines and Industries.

Volga Engineering Co Pvt Ltd was formed in the year 1978 by Mr. S.Chakraborty. The Company was facing financial crisis from the year 1989 then Mr Chakraborty contacted in the year 1992 to our Managing Director and proposed to take over his company. Our management decided to take over the company as Volga Engineering Co Pvt Ltd who was dealing in the same product was quoting low prices and destroying the market.

The Company, Prabhu Switchgear Pvt Ltd was formed in 1997 for manufacturing of high value items like FLP Transwitch Unit, Vacuum Circuit breakers, Vacuum Contactors, Junction box. The vacuum contactor & Vacuum Circuit Breaker are tested and certified by CENTRAL POWER RESEARCH INSTITUTE, BANGALORE.

Prabhu Group consists of aforesaid companies.

As years passed business started to grow and new products were introduced on a regular basis. Today the said company manufactures wide range of swithcgear items, electric control panels, industrial/flameproof mining panels, conveyor control and more for mines in Coal India and its subsidiaries, The Singareni Collieries Co.Ltd, OEM clients and other private clients.

A skillful and professional team is employed for commitment of quality products and providing service to its customers. The company is proud of its hardworking and friendly team who are readily available to answer any questions that one may have.

With changes in technology and in the nature of the business, one thing that is constant since inception is the quality of products and services to the customers which makes Prabhu Group unique from its competitors.


To be the leader in the industry in which the Group compete.


To introduce new products regularly, maintain products quality and providing services to customer till they are satisfied.


Prabhu Industrial Udyog Pvt Ltd - Incorporated in the year 1978

Prabhu Switchgear Pvt Ltd - Incorporated in the year 1997